Tuesday, December 16, 2003

So, another year comes to a close. Disappointingly, the station shut down early, so the promised NW Electronic Music special could not happen. The upside is that the reason for the early shut-down was to allow a remodel to happen. That means more space for live musicians as guests. Come one come all, and bring all your hardware!

Just out of interest I popped over to the playlists page and did some tallies. Here are the charts:

Most played tracks of 2003:

1) Bruno Pronsato - Read Me - Orac
2) Caro - How Much I Feel - Orac
3) Farben - Love Oh Love - Klang
4) Konrad Black - White Cigarettes - Swayzak
5) Movement Is A Gift - Gift 1 - Nurture
6) Stewart Walker - Mysterious Rural Past - Persona
7) Todd Sines (feat. Natasha Labelle) - Come Closer - Planet E
8) Lusine - Slapback - Ghostly
9) Jan Jelinek avec The Exposures - Music to Interrogate By - ~scape
10) Safety Scissors - Amnesia, I need you, to remind me - ~scape

Most played artistes of 2003:

1) Jan Jelinek
2) Bruno Pronsato
3) Farben
4) Moodymann
5) Carl Craig
6) Sutekh
7) Swayzak
8) Aspen
9) Recloose
10) The Soft Pink Truth

Most played labels of 2003:

1) ~scape
2) Planet E
3) Playhouse
4) Orac
5) Klang
6) Involve
7) M-nus
8) Force Inc
9) Swayzak
10) Nurture

Monday, December 01, 2003

Now listening - it's me ol' mucka jake elliot


A bit of a break over the holiday weekend - from everything including the show. Nice relaxation. Back to it today and riding the bus to work in the dark of the pre-dawn, finally reading last weeks Stranger - and what do I find but Data Breaker, dropping the props to the locals. Nice :]

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