Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Minim Flower

What a nice surprise to come across this live set by Simon Flower, hosted by the good folks at psurkit/obscure. Simon's productions as 'peak:shift' and his record label Nurture were pretty influential on my taste in music about five years ago. It was a warm, organic and lush, yet minimal sound, epitomized by son.sine's 'Upekha' which featured on Swayzak's Groovetechnology mix CD. The bass, click and gravel-crush of that track are so distinctive and timeless. The Nurture label has been on hiatus since 2002's peak:shift 12", 'bury/disinter', but by the sounds of things Mr Flower is keeping busy working on his live productions. Judging by this set, recorded at Auckland monthly 'Minim', if the label were to re-start, there'd be ample material for a slew of quality new peak:shift material.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I just wanted to recommend all fans of quality electronic music to check out a couple of other shows on the dawg: some velvet evening (tue 5-7pm PDT), and soundscapes (thur 5-7pm PDT). My colleagues who host these shows have impeccible taste, and work their playlists well.

Over at the Stranger's Line Out, Dave Segal links to a stunning video (embedded quicktime) for a Kode9/Spaceape track. Dubstep visualized.

Passing up on the Sasquatch opportunity this year. It's been fatally diluted by making it three days. The good acts would have filled one day nicely. Jamie Lidell is playing Sunday for an hour at noon. Instead, I'm hoping to have the energy and drive to head up to Bellingham the night before to catch him in a much more intimate venue. After the recent awe-inspiring show at the Chop, I'd crawl on broken glass to see him perform again. Brilliant.

There's just a couple more weeks of this academic year, and for the first time Rainydawg is broadcasting over the summer. Scheduling is still up in the air, but I hope to continue Sounding Depth, whilst maybe also picking up a variety show - there's just too much good music to be confined. Update to follow...

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