Friday, October 31, 2003

Great show last weekend! Terso strung together a brilliantly diverse array of his own productions. Pretty gotdang impressive, and sounding levels above his previous appearance on the show earlier in the year. Congrats to the man for having at least one track picked up by Thermal Recordings, may it be the start of a long and fruitful production career. Misha dropped tracks like babies, keeping it lush and warm. Smooth.

So, looking forward, this weekend (2nd Nov) sees Nordic Soul in the studio, cashing in a rain cheque from a few weeks ago. He promises a wide ranging selection of live creations from hip-hop influences through house and tech and out to the furtherest reaches of musical endeavor. This guy has one hard-working attitude, and his talent matches his drive.

Further ahead, you'll get to hear Tandem House on the 9th, and Thee Outfit on the 16th. Superb.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

This coming week will see two guests in the studio. Terso is coming in with laptop in hand to serenade us with some of his latest creations. He's been working hard on getting material together for an album for Thermal Recordings, so the quality here is going to be top notch. Also, Misha is going to be dropping in to play some of her more chill repertoire, that she doesn't get to play at all those club nights she's always playing. Busy lady that one.

And where does that leave me? For once I might not even have to play a tune, but I'll still be there to listen to the goodness. Woot woot!

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Wowee. Never been a friendster, but has suddenly got me hooked. After less than 24 hours I've been in touch with a bunch of local electronic musicians and negotiations are in progress to bring their talent to you, most faithful listener.

Updates on upcomings:
Nov 2nd Nordic Soul (cashing in the rain cheque)
Nov 9th Justin Byrnes + Miss Saigon = Tandem House

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Also, just to let y'all peeps who be hungering for the experimental know who's coming up...

Oct 19th Randy Jones, aka Caro of Orac records
Oct 26th Terso will be in the studio

Friday, October 10, 2003

Coming up on this weeks show (oct 12) is my man, Nordic Soul. The runner-up in the second Seattle Laptop Battle in September, Mr Soul will be bringing his mash-up laptop talent to the studio for an exclusive live performance.

One of Nordic Soul's projects is "Dreaming in Stereo", a promotion outfit which is bringing some great electronica talent to our fair city. Coming up next week is one such gig with artists off the Schematic label's roster. Read a great preview by one-time guest on soundingdepth Dave Segal here. The money quote is: "I just finger-fuck my [laptop] until it screams out some tornado of sliced puke nuggets." Brilliant.

Sunday, October 05, 2003


re┬Ěprise ( P ) (r-prz)
1. A repetition of a phrase or verse.
A return to an original theme

Ohhhh yeah! Back on the airwaves today after too long of a break. Things have been shaken up dramatically at the station, with .soundingdepth. as a show becoming part of the greater experience that is The Beat Connection. We have two shows each week now, with Friday nights being a more up-for-it show with weekly guest DJs dropping the dancefloor beats. Sunday afternoon brings The Beat Connection Reprise which will be hosted by yours truly and will not be too different than the .soundingdepth. of old. Expect more headphone oriented blips and beats, and many great guest producers twiddling knobs and caressing mice. Laptop artists already lined up for this month are Nordic Soul on Sunday Oct 12, and The one like Terso on Sunday Oct 26th. Woot woot! Expect more of that local goodness through the rest of the year.

Its great to be back :]

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