Sunday, January 29, 2006

If you haven't seen it yet, cartoonist Joel Trussel's video for Jason Forrest's 'War Photographer' is absolutely brilliant. Power-guitar wielding viking-bots do battle, but only one has the secret weapon: a psychadelic rum-soaked marching band.

Friday, January 27, 2006

The show is back for the new year, after a short holiday break and record buying junta to New Zealand. This week I played a bunch of freshies from Aotearoa, mainly all in the hip-hop/soul/funk vein, with a little more IDMish stuff at the end there. The second half of the show touched on some grimness, some classic oldies, and finished off with some ravetastic anthems. Get on it while it lasts!


Tuesday night, I found myself at the Baltic Room for Oscillate, to hear the Basskamp showcase. Great music all round. Logic Probe were especially good. 'Bout time they put a new CD out. In fact, that is what I really wanted to blog about - the fact that everyone I spoke to that night has new music in the pipeline, but none out right now. It's a little frustrating.


Wednesday, Low Budget at the War-Room. I danced so hard my neck is killing me, and I had to take a day off work yesterday. The response from the local 'headz' was pretty blah, but I think that's just a symptom of their being too into the musical value of the evening. Sure it would have been great if he'd played some more new/challenging/tuff cuts, but hey, the party was rocking anyhow. Sometimes the vibe is more important than the music, you know? Let loose and dance, mammajammas!

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