Friday, October 31, 2003

Great show last weekend! Terso strung together a brilliantly diverse array of his own productions. Pretty gotdang impressive, and sounding levels above his previous appearance on the show earlier in the year. Congrats to the man for having at least one track picked up by Thermal Recordings, may it be the start of a long and fruitful production career. Misha dropped tracks like babies, keeping it lush and warm. Smooth.

So, looking forward, this weekend (2nd Nov) sees Nordic Soul in the studio, cashing in a rain cheque from a few weeks ago. He promises a wide ranging selection of live creations from hip-hop influences through house and tech and out to the furtherest reaches of musical endeavor. This guy has one hard-working attitude, and his talent matches his drive.

Further ahead, you'll get to hear Tandem House on the 9th, and Thee Outfit on the 16th. Superb.

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