Monday, July 07, 2003

Not one but two, count 'em two, soundingdepths (or is that soundingsdepth) this week. Today sees me hitting the studio with a bag'o'housey stuff, nice midsummer choons for recovering from a long weekend. But then tomorrow, well, tomorrow I love you.

Bruno Pronsato, the tech-house alter ego of laptopper extraordinaire and subwoofer meltdown maverick Bobby Karate, will be joining me in the studio tomorrow (11am-1pm) to create a live set of all new material. He'll be bringing a pre-release copy of his new 12" which should be out on Orac in the next few weeks. Be the first to hear it. We'll also be talking up the Iteration show with Safety Scissors and Sutekh, at which he will be performing.

Also, he's kind enough to be bringing in a couple of CDs of his new live material to give away. Listen tomorrow from 11am-1pm to win.

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