Monday, July 21, 2003

Wow. What a night. Iteration 3, Exit Loop, was a blast. The Artificial Limb Company was the perfect venue, the crowd was surprisingly big, and had a great vibe, and, most importantly, the music was killer. Inside, Bruno and Aron torched the already sweaty crowd with a wide range of all things techno, from abstract glitchyness, to almost proggy tranceyness (Sorry guys, but I swear there's an opportunity for you to license a track there to Sasha's next mix CD). These two make a great combo and compliment each other brilliantly. Safety Scissors was lounge-singer moderne. I felt like it took him a while to warm up and pick up the pace to where the crowd would resonate, but his abstract melodies won me over in the end. Sutekh was fantastic, causing me to involuntarily throw my arms and legs about like a spazz. Techfunkorama. Outside in the alley I caught Eddie played some beautiful music, including a wicked cover of "The Message" (who the hell was that woman?). Jake Elliott was accomplished as ever, and Misha, alley-curator-extraordinaire, played all the tracks I wish I owned. Too tired to stick it out for all the other fantastic acts, but that is testament to a great party - when you've been dancing like a man possessed for 4 hours, at my age, bed has a strong pull. Awesome, and big big thanks to Danceritual, Bent and Click for putting on the party of the year.

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