Friday, January 23, 2004

Here's a wee bio I had to write for another reason, but I guess I'll put it here if anyone is interested:

I started listening to electronic music back in the early 90s, with a
major introduction being the Trance Europe Express series. I think my
exploration of mind altering substances helped hook me into the music.
I started to go to warehouse and outdoor parties, and then in 1997 after
having a go on a friend's tables I decided to buy my own and start
DJing myself.

I started out playing trance, goa and psychedelic mainly, and then got
into some harder trance. At the same time, I was fascinated by Detroit
techno and german minimal techno, especially the deep dubby stuff.
Living in New Zealand made it hard to find those records though.

From hard trance I got into techno, tribally kind of stuff, then
started to buy more house influenced techno once the thrill of the outdoor
party wore off and I started going to clubs more. Living in London for a
year helped that houseward drift in my tastes.

Returning to NZ, I got into playing clubs and my first radio gig, which
was simply pre-recorded hour long sets. The houseward drift continued,
especially with a residencey in a lounge bar. But it was always the
offbeat house productions that appealed to me. I definately don't dig
on formulaic music.

After a while at the radio station I got bored of just playing music,
and decided I wanted to talk about it too, and so I started a show called
NZealectronica, which survives to this day. Obviously it focused on
local music, and it allowed me to share not just my passion, but my knowledge
with others. Pretty rewarding stuff.

The tech-house that I had be playing started to get pretty samey by the
time I moved over here, a couple of years ago, and thankfully, the
great record stores in Seattle allowed a huge selection and exposed me to
many labels I hadn't heard before. My tastes really expanded and went out
into some electro, glitchy stuff, microhouse (my fav.) and some
experimental techno.

Living in Seattle is brilliant, as far as a music scene that is to my
tastes. I'm an avid local supporter, and I try to get as many local
producers into the studio as I can. This city and region is so alive
with talent and the musical community is very supportive and vibrant.
It's a great place to be.

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