Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Apropos of the fact that I'm listening to Ghislain Poirier's new full length 'Breakupdown' on Chocolate Industries right now - I was at the Baltic Room last Tuesday to see Dragons Eye Recording label-mates Wyndel Hunt and Hakea at Oscillate* and got to speaking to the doorman there, who I happened to know was DJ Collage, but had never met before. He was telling me how excited he was for his collaboration with Ghislain Poirier, 'Mic Diplomat', a ragga toasted anthem dropped over slightly menacing, futuristic ragga beats, to be coming out on the Montreal producer's new album, 'Breakupdown' the next day. Long story short - I get the weekly new music update email from the station the next day and what features prominently, but a glowing review of the album? Nice. Expect me to be thrashing this LP for a few months. Lots of fantastic beats and very diverse, all the while melding ragga, abstract hip hop, and experimental electronics - perfect for the show.

*Tonight sees Jerry Abstract and Tomas Jirku at Oscillate. Sweet!

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