Friday, December 16, 2005

Wednesday's show was the last of the year for Sounding Depth. I played a nice selection of top tunes from the year, kind of a recap, but included some oldies as well. There was lots of Tigerbeat6 and Violent Turd records, including the absolutely brilliant What's Really Rad EP from Crunc Tesla. Watch out for this guy, his full length is promised soon, and judging from the taster we've got, it's bound to be a highlight of next year.

The first hour built up nicely to a brief spell of totally spastic breakcore mayhem. The second hour was a little more all over the place, wavering from house to hip-hop, via a couple of gems I picked up in London in September; a Jon Hassel 12" and the eponymous 1987 LP from Mark Stewart (of On-U Sound System fame). As always the playlist is posted via the link above.

So, I'll be taking a break of a few weeks while school is out. Starting back on January 23rd, Sounding Depth is moving to Mondays, 5-7pm. Have a great holiday, and you'll hear from me in the new year!

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