Wednesday, March 01, 2006


So, it's been a while, but the show has been going on. I've just been too busy playing music to blog about it. So... a rundown of what's been happening on Sounding Depth: Nordic Soul of Decibel fame dropped into the studio to drop the the fresh tech bombs. Splinters played a live set of laptop techno which was top notch. And all the while I've been making some tasty selections. Highlights of new music at the station include the new Ghostly comp and Fourthcity's latest full length release, Bit Rocker by Vincent Parker. The latter is a very diverse, accomplished album from a young musician who will go far. The music wavers from hard punchy electroid mayhem to slow spacey introspection, and is very pleasurable listening.

I wanted to mention a 12" I picked up recently, "Qawwali" by Pinch on Planet Mu. This is an incredible tune, embodying all the best qualities of dubstep; the spacious percussion, the sparing use of melody, the emotion. Just thinking about it gives me the chills. For me, this track is a reminder that music really can connect with us on a very deep level.

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