Thursday, November 30, 2006


The first day of December is nearly here, and with it a special edition of Sounding Depth. Worldwide microphone diplomat DJ Collage will be making an appearance in the RainyDawg studios. Having worked the mic previously with a huge roster of producers, including Meat Beat Manifesto, Stereotyp and Ghislain Poirier, Collage is now producing his own experimental/ragga/hiphop beats. Exclusively to Sounding Depth, Collage will be debuting two new tracks; one solo effort and one in collaboration with 8-bit prowrassling rockers Truckasaurus. There'll also be chatting (as in an interview) and chatting (as in some live toasting action). Big Ups!

Two weeks ago, Burdur Is Green Feathers was in the studio for an all-hardware performance of mentaltastic psychadelia. Here is the recording.

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